When Is Enough Enough?

Sedition: “conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.”


It is one thing to protest. It is quite another to flood the streets with tyranny, setting fires, destroying property, attacking and injuring people.


18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy

If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; July 24, 1956, ch. 678, § 1, 70 Stat. 623; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(N), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)
It seems that a certain portion of our populace is crossing that line.

Why the Left is Lost

I hear a lot of pundantry reporting that the Left has become “unhinged” after the Federal Election. The observers search to and fro in an attempt to understand the reactions of the Left.

To me, it is very simple. I worked in law enforcement for a number of years. During that time, I dealt with a number of drug addicts and alcoholics. When the drug addict or alcoholic went to jail, the supply line snapped; no more alcohol, no more drugs. The poor souls would nearly come out of their skins with the physical cravings for the substances they now relied on for day-to-day existence.

The Left seems to be suffering a similar fate. After decades of intake of liberal policies and the acceleration of that consumption over the past eight years, it is easy to understand the reactions we see. The Left is undergoing political and social withdrawal symptoms.

Will the Left come back to normalcy or are they lost forever? Some will; some will not. Our role is to be patient and understanding. At this point, they don’t know what they are doing.

What’s Behind Door No. 1?

restroomIt appears the season for Bathroom Battles has arived here in America.

I’m not going to venture into the realm of morality. What I want to explore is the natural outcome of removing the time-honored segragation of the population as it pertains to bathroom facilities. It’s a peek forward into the “world of unforeseen consequences”.

Like many public policies, a change is made to the traditional landscape. Those leading the call for change pat themselves on the back. As time progresses, the “new norm” begins to reveal aspects of change that most supporters did not expect and do not support.


Now that the call is for individuals to pick the restroom that most closely matches their feelings about themselves on a given day, the natural outgrowth of that policy would include:

  • More men using the Ladies’ Room.
    Once the policy is in place, more men than women will cross over. A number of the men will use the policy as a premise to enter a previously forbidden zone. It will have nothing to do with perceived sexual orientation. It will be more an expression of the crass behavior of the male of the species.
  • Some of the men will be voyeurs (with and without cameras)
  • Some of the men will be stalkers.
  • Some of the men will be pedifiles.
  • Some of the men will be rapists
  • Some of the men will be petty criminals looking for an easy score.
  • Some establishments will take the opportunity to follow Euope and eliminate two restrooms for one unisex facility. Save money and time. More profit for the business.

Perhaps a better solution is to keep two separate facilities and add a third for the more adventuresome souls.

Another solution would be to relabel their usage.

  • Menu/Women
    The old custom. Needs replacing.
  • Male/Female
    No. Not good enough. Too much like the current rules of today’s society.
  • Hung/Un-hung
    Perhaps a little too graphic in nature.
  • Out-ie/In-nie
    Works for bellybuttons, why not for restrooms?



The Burning of America

In 64 A.D, Nero, emperor of Rome, watched the destruction of Rome. Many reports said that the Emperor watched the raging inferno from his palace while playing his lyre. To appease the population, Nero blamed the the relatively new group called Christians for the fire.

Our president is overseeing the degrading of America, but instead of a lyre, he uses a nine iron and a putter. And, of course, he finds a group to blame; in this case the Republicans.

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Too Much Focus on Teapots

The furor coming out of last Thursday’s Republican debate serves to highlight to larger problem we have. Too much focus on Political Correctness and not enough on recognizing the multitude of serious, deadly issues that confront our nation. This obsession with the “tempest in a teapot”  completely ignores the downward spiral of our civilization.

Let’s look at it from the simplest of terms. Donald Trump had a problem with the nature of a question asked by Megyn Kelly and voiced his displeasure. I’ve watched Ms. Kelly for a number of years and I have no doubt she can defend herself.  What we see now is a number of Republican contenders lining up to denounce Mr. Trump. As far as I can tell, most are doing it to score points with the Political Correctness crowd. It seems they would much rather talk about Trump and how he doesn’t fit the political mold than to engage in a discussion of the tremendous problems we face.


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When Is It A Baby?

The recent series of undercover videos have revealed a disturbing activity undertaken by the Planned Parenthood organization. The selling of the body parts of the unborn as a “legitimate”funding stream should make all of us reconsider the path our Nation is following. As a people, how barbaric have we become?

some defenders of Planned Parenthood attempt to divert blame to the organization that captured the undercover video. How lame can you get? They tell us “don’t believe your eyes and your ears.”

Others point to the good that Planned Parenthood does. All that proves is that no one, no matter how evil or depraved, is completely evil in every aspect of their life.

And finally, the defenders point out that the object of the harvest is not a baby but just some fetal mass. But that fetal mass could only develop  into a baby; not an orange, banana or tree. If the DNA was tested and the evidence presented in a court of law, the witness would have to state that it was human DNA.

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It’s Time TO Press the Reset Button

As many of us understand; in this technological age, it’s sometimes necessary to press that Reset Button.

Ultimate Reset Button

Either your PC locks up and there’s nothing else you can do, or the DVD player or Internet router just lost it’s mind. In all these cases, we depend on the Reset Button to get us back to a normal state so we can start over.

Now, in politics, the Reset Button is called “an election”. At the national level it occurs in two forms; the off year Congressional elections (a partial Reset) and, every four years, the Presidential election (a Full Reset).

With a faltering economy, high unemployment and ever increasing debt, it looks like aReset is called for. You know, that Reset you have to do before the hard drive burns up or the fans inside the PC spin out of control.

Not only do we need a Reset; we also need to adjust some of the wiring.


  • Term Limits – Often talked about, but never accomplished. We’ve allowed ourselves to be placed u under the rule of a Political class. Senators and Representatives 12 years
  • Judicial Appointments – No more of this once in always in stuff. A federal judge should be required to be reconfirmed periodically while serving on the bench; say every 16 years.
  • Disclosure – If the politicians expect us to give them the keys to the car, we should expect the politicians to provide us sufficient proof that they are who they say they are and that they are qualified. No more of this sealing of school records, tax returns and other information pertinent to the electorate. If they were applying for a job, and refused to provide their college transcript, the prospective employee would point them at the door and wish them luck at their next interview.
  • Legislation – No more of these mammoth bills that number in the thousands of pages. Bills that no one understands; that no one can fathom how it will impact the country.
  • Tax System – A fair tax system for all. No more taxes on top of taxes; death taxes etc. No complex rules about what is and is not income. The current tax system is obviously too complex. How else can you explain the difficulties that some in the Congressional  and Executive branches have with filing tax returns. The fairest would appear to be a consumption tax. You buy it, you pay taxes on it.
It’s not always so critical that the Reset Button be pressed. You can always get a new DVD player or PC. But it’s no the same with our country. We have to fix what we have; there’s no new one out there to get.

Press Here For A Perfect Day On The Beach

So limber up that index finger, or whichever finger you prefer to use and get ready to RESET!
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The Feds Are Eyeing Your 401 (K)

Uncle Sam I Want You - Poster

One of the first things they teach you as a lifeguard is to beware of the person you are attempting to save. A drowning man will do anything to save his life, even it it kills the both of you.

Well, Uncle Sam is drowning in $15+ trillion in debt and is casting about to and fro for any handhold that may save him. Step forward the $18 trillion currently in 401 (k) funds across the land. The democrats in Congress and the O’Bama administration are exploring the possibilities that will allow the IRS to “skim” a little bit of the money for poor, old Uncle Sam.

More of the same:

After all, we need to get the debt under control don’t we? And we certainly can’t reduce spending with the draconian cuts the Republicans are wanting…. All that money lying around. It’s only FAIR.

Empty Wallet - Feds Takes It All

Feds Take It All

It never ceases to amaze me. Like small children, they keep dipping into the cookie jar and seem surprised when there are no cookies left. The next time you reach into your back pocket, you’ll probably shake hands with the Federal Government.


Uncle Sam’s Nest Egg

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Illegal Immigration Solved

After the last Republican debate, there was a “dust-up” centered around comments made by Newt Gingrich.  In my opinion, Mr. Gingrich is dealing with the real world. There is no way, I repeat, NO WAY that all illegal immigrants currently within the borders of the United States will be deported.

Let’s be clear. This topic of this post is ILLEGAL immigration.

In most discussions concerning the illegal immigration problem, the “solution” tends to swirl around three major points.

  1. Secure the Border
    This goes without saying. No one would live in a home where the doors had no locks. How is the country any different? Isn’t the United States of America our home?
  2. Deal with the millions of illegals currently in the US
    Here is the “dust-up” point. What to do with the millions already here and more coming each day.
  3. Sanction employers that hire illegal immigrants
    This item usually appears as a means to offset #2. If the jobs aren’t here acting as a magnet, then the illegal immigrants wouldn’t be drawn like a moth to a flame.  In other words, there is a “link” between the availability of jobs and illegal immigration.

What to do with the millions of illegals already in the country? This is the sticking point. You can’t really fault the people coming in. For the most part, they are looking for a way to improve their lot in life; to improve the lives of their families. Let’s face it, part of the problem is our success. There’s not a huge influx of illegals into Russia, or Iran, or Cuba. It is the freedom and promise of America that draws the less fortunate from their countries of origin. Yes, our freedom and relative prosperity are “links” to the illegal immigration issue.

While we may want to deal with the “link” defined as JOBS, no sane individual wants to limit our freedom or our prosperity. The major complaint for the illegals currently in the country is not that they are taking up physical space needed by Americans, but that they are a drain on society; eating into the monies needed to take care of the less fortunate. In other words, they cost money we don’t have.

Well, we missed a “link” in this discussion. The item was mentioned above, but I never hear any solutions surrounding the missing “link”. That “link” is the country of origin. Everyone here illegally came from someplace. They didn’t materialize out of thin air. It seems as though the countries of origin are treated as innocent bystanders. These countries have nothing to do with the transfer of population from their country to the US. No, it couldn’t be the lack of freedom or lack of promise in their countries that send their people our way. Of course it is! 

Well, it’s time that the countries of origin had some skin in the game. No more of this “it’s not my problem” foolishness. While not a 100% solution (nothing usually is), here are some steps that could help the problem.

  • Illegal Immigrant Return Charge
    Anytime I get something from a store, or online, there is a chance that I may pay a restocking fee for the item should I return it. In much the same way, when we return an illegal to their country of origin, that country is charged a return to sender fee. There are a number of ways to collect the fee;  1) The country pays the fee (not likely), 2) The US reduces the foreign aid provided to the country by the amount of the fee,  3) the US reduces any debts owed the country by the uS by the amount of the fee or 4) the US issues a garnishment against assets held in this country by the country of origin.This may prove effective in gaining the cooperation of these countries to combat the illegal immigration issue. One complaint we hear over and over again is that an individual is deported from the country, but enters the country illegally again and again. If the country of origin is charged each time this occurs, perhaps the number of occurrences would wain.
  •  Immigrant Sponsorship
    For those illegals residing in the US, arrange for a less costly yearly sponsorship paid by the country of origin. During the period of sponsorship, the individual is required to attain some form of legal worker status. The fee is used to offset the cost to public services for the individual. This “sponsorship” could also be a new form of approved status for being in the country. The country of origin should provide a sponsorship. After all, that country is receiving a return realized in savings to infrastructure costs for all individuals now in the US and for the influx of capital coming into their country from their sponsored workers here in the US.

In order to solve our illegal immigration problem, there needs to be cooperation; voluntary or coersed , from the country of origin.

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Tiger Woods; Just Like My Favorite Jeans

Here we are again; Master’s week-end.  The question of “when” will Tiger Woods break out of his slump is rapidly changing into “will” he break out of his slump. The mark of 18 majors that seemed like a “done deal” just a few years ago now appears to be dwindling into the mist.

Of course, Tiger has gone through quite a lot recently in both his professional and personal life. No need to discuss that here. Rather, I look at the growing “Tyson” effect. In the world of boxing, no name in the Heavyweight division was feared more than that of Mike Tyson.  He waded through opponents  like a sharp scythe through wheat. Many of his opponents were beaten before the first round bell sounded.

Then came December, 2006 and Buster Douglas, the next in a line of “no chance” opponents. Except, this outing was different. Douglas was easily the better man on that night and wrested the Heavyweight crown from Tyson. Tyson’s career and personal life suffered  and he never regained the dominance he once had.

A similar path seems to be playing out for Tiger. In August, 2009, Tiger Woods lost the PGA Championship to Y. E. Yang. Not only did he lose, but going in, Tiger was 14-0 in majors when leading going into the final round. Much like the Tyson-Douglas fight, Tiger did not lose the tournament; rather Yang won the tournament.

The aura of invincibility  surrounding Tiger was gone. Following a series of professional and personal setbacks, Tiger now struggles to regain his position of dominance on the PGA tour, but, like my favorite jeans, he just seems to fade.

Here’s hoping that Tiger can overcome the “Tyson” effect.

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